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Here you find all the artworks I've been posting since the beginning of this project. I think it may be interesting to see how my style and technique has been evolving over time.

I'm self-taught, and I learned everything I know through books, internet content and a lot of practice and analyzing real-life things (or at least photos of them).

I hope this page will inspire others who can't afford to pay for art classes to keep studying on their own.

When I started this project in July, 2017, I had been studying art continuously since 2008. And by "continuously", I mean that I studied it in my free time after work or between chores, and I'm not counting the several depression spells that I had over the years, during which I stopped practicing for months.

If you're a self-taught art student, and you're going through ups and downs, and life keeps getting in the way of your practice, keep going. Do the best you can, and when you can't do anything, be patient. Resume when you feel better.

So, here are my artworks. I hope you enjoy them! :)

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