Commissions - Terms of Service

These are the guidelines I work with. By hiring me, you are agreeing to this Terms of Service.

General information

  • I create realistic humans, and animals such as horses, wolves, dogs, felines and birds. I currently don't create dragons and monsters.
  • My illustration style is the one on this site and my social media profiles - i.e. digital painting. Contact me first, if you want cartoon or anime style characters.
  • I don't do commissions for traditional forms of art, such as pencil sketching, watercolor, etc.
  • I don't do sex scenes, nudes, violence, hate themes of any sort. 
  • The computer I use at the moment is pretty basic, for this reason, I can't record the painting process nor stream it.
  • I don't provide prints of the artworks.
  • The file size for the artwork you commission will be up to 3500px, 300dpi, and a PNG file with a transparent background (if you don't require one) and no watermark. In physical terms, this size is about that of a A4 paper sheet. Contact me first, if you need a larger file. 
  • I use Gimp for painting, for that reason I don't have a PSD file to provide.
  • My deadline is two weeks maximum. I may deliver the artwork sooner than that though. For a shorter deadline, ask me about it first, but it requires an extra fee.
  • I ask for full payment before starting to work on the commission. 
  • Payment must be done through a Paypal invoice in USD only. I don't accept other payment types nor other currencies.
  • Prices are as informed below - they are for a single character.
  • Grayscale or flat-colored images (consisting of lineart and only one layer of color without shadow or highlight) are discounted.
  • Background, accessories, complex details, and more characters all have added fees.
  •  I only refund if I can't complete the job.

How I work

  • First contact is made through the form linked at the bottom of this page. I ask you to fill in all the information so that I can have the best idea of what kind of work you require. I'll then contact you through the email you provide.
  • Once we agree on a price, I'll send you a Paypal invoice. I'll only start working on the commission once I receive the payment confirmation.
  • I'll then create three colored sketches and send you for approval of one of them.
  • Next I'll send you another sketch with the changes you informed. Once you approve the sketch, I'll complete the artwork. Any changes after this stage will require an additional fee.
  • Once the artwork is finished, I'll send you the file through a Wetransfer link.


Please note that I don't work with refunds or take-backs. But if there's any trouble, contact me first before issuing a chargeback.

Ownership, reselling & commercial use

  • You may resell the artwork for the same price you paid - please keep the credit to me as "Cora Lynn Fantasy".
  • You may trade it or gift it.
  • The artwork may be used commercially, but please keep the credit to me as informed above.
  • As an owner, you may use it in profiles or personal websites, and create derivative works, trace, copy and reference it as you wish.
  • Any derivative works you create based on the commissioned artwork belong to you.


I don't allow derivative works from my artworks by anyone else who doesn't commission them from me. This is the copyright for all the artworks that I create and own:

Creative Commons License

Commission fees

Shoulder up - 40USD

Full body - 80USD

Waist up - 60USD

  • Prices above are for a single character.
  • Second character has a discounted price according to details.
  • Furniture, detailed background and accessories all have added fees.
  • Lower prices are possible depending on details and complexity.
  • Click on the images to view a larger version.

For more examples of my style, check my Image Gallery.

If you're ready to hire me, please fill in this form with the information about your commission.

Any doubts or questions, contact me.

Thanks for reading this far! 🙂