Thanks for taking an interest in me and this project. Here's some information on both.

Who I am & what this is about

I'm a 30+ indie fantasy artist living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've started this blog and its channels in September, 2017.

Because of my diverse interests (fashion, history, mythology, etc), the artworks I create are a mix of all of them, and focus more on characters than creatures.

Also, my latest project includes creating short motion comics based on classics from fantasy literature or poetry or simply songs that I like, and that have an ethereal or fantastic feel to them.

I like creating art in various media, such as: digital painting, 3D, animation, comics, traditional painting, sculpture, design, music, and I also like writing stories. I plan to explore a little of each of these elements in the near future.

I'm self-taught, and I've been studying art since 2008, though I've been drawing since childhood.

Some of my influences are Feng Zhu, James Gurney, Jim Lee, fashion editorials with crazy color combinations, and classical art.

I doubt they were ever mentioned in a single sentence, but there you have it. :)

I hope you find my art inspiring and entertaining. Thanks for visiting, and please come back more times, because there are always new stuff being posted.

XO Cora Lynn