Week Roundup: When it sucks, being more playful & creating art every day

This week was a productive one, though it started pretty badly.

I start creating the content I post online on Saturdays, and this past one, I just couldn't get any work done. But I kept persisting, despite feeling like owl pellets, and I've learned some things that I think might be useful to you, if you're also learning something or starting a career.

It sucks, and I hate myself!

Did you ever start something - an artwork, a text, anything creative, and as it's taking shape, you lose confidence and feel like giving up?

I have a tendency not only to give up but to get depressed and feel worthless, which is what happened over the weekend.

What I often do when I'm plagued by self-doubt (after wallowing in misery for a certain time), is to look for a mentor that can lift me up. By mentor, I mean not someone I know or who I can meet (which I don't have), but someone who says uplifting things and can enlighten me.

People I usually go to for that are Chase Jarvis, Brene Brown, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Here's the Chase Jarvis' video on the creative process that helped me get unstuck. He talks exactly about what I was going through. He says that every project has an arc, from "this is a great idea", to "this sucks", then "I suck", then if we push through, we get to "looks good" part.

Being more playful

My artworks were boring me. I was so worried with trying to be perfect that I was forgetting that fantasy art is supposed to be fun. So I decided to take risks and create things that are more lighthearted and unexpected. The results are especially the horned dude and the singing vampire girl.

I felt a huge relief in creating them, and I hope you also find them fun. More coming soon.

An artwork a day

Gary Vaynerchuk is the mentor I go to when I need a kick in the butt. He's brisk and straightforward, and he says it like it is. One of the clips he shared on twitter grabbed me by the gut:

Though it's more about musicians, it can certainly be applied to all other creatives, if not everyone, as we all have to something to do every day in order to build our future.

Watching it, I wondered if I could post an artwork a day. And so I've started creating them (at least for the weekdays), and my goal for the next few weeks is to get even more focused and more productive.

I hope this post was useful to you. Whatever you're doing, don't give up. Adapt, learn more, keep practicing. It sucks being a beginner, but the only way we can make our dreams come true is by "eating dirt" (as Gary says) until we get there - and then eating some more, as there's always another challenge.

Thanks for reading this far!  Here are the artworks I posted this week. You can find them on my Image Gallery, which has all the works I posted so far.

All the best!

XO Cora
Cora Lynn

Cora Lynn

I'm an indie artist, who enjoys creating fantasy characters and creatures mixing elements from nature and different time periods and cultures.

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